Reclaim the Night

Since 2004, the London Feminist Network has organised an annual, national women’s Reclaim the Night march against rape and all forms of male violence against women.

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Reclaim the Night 2020! Saturday 21st November

Assembly - time and location to be confirmed

More event details here.

In the climate of #MeToo, #YoTambien and #BalanceTonPorc Reclaim the Night is as relevant as ever – if not more so. Violence against women continues to occur every minute of every day, but women everywhere are making a stand.

Join us for London Reclaim the Night! Close down central London for women, put your feet on the streets to shout a loud NO to rape and all forms of male violence against women.

Join us and join millions across the globe who will be marking the annual United Nations Day to End Violence Against Women (25th November) with demonstrations and marches.

We were pleased to be joined by the following amazing activists and speakers in 2019

Mandu Reid, Leader of the Women's Equality Party.
Frances Scott, of 50:50 Parliament on their campaign to ensure greater participation of women in politics.
Lee Nurse, from Justice for Women on their recent successes and current campaigns:

Reclaim the Night came to the UK 40 years ago, in 1977. One of the first marches took place in Leeds where women took to the streets to protest the police requesting women to stay at home after dark in response to the Yorkshire Ripper murders. Placards read “No curfew on women – curfew on men”. It is hard to believe we are still marching 40 years later, yet in a climate where prosecutions for sexual violence are going down, reports of sexual assaults on the transport network are on the up, and two women a week are killed by their male partner or ex-partner, it remains relevant.

This march is a show of strength and a collective demand for freedom from sexual violence and harassment.

With ideological cuts threatening the refuge and rape crisis movements in the UK, and Brexit dominating the agenda, we need to take back the capital to demonstrate women’s support for essential women’s services, demand justice for survivors and spread the message that no woman is ever to blame for male violence against her.

Bring placards, banners, friends and song. March for your friends and family, your colleagues, your daughters, yourself – march for all of us; march for a better world, free from violence and abuse.

London Reclaim The Night is a women-only march. Men who would like to support the event are encouraged to offer and/or join the Men’s Vigil, before joining us at the mixed rally. Details can be found here.

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If you live in London, you may be interested in joining the London Feminist Network. We are one of the largest grassroots feminist activist organisations in the country with over 1600 members. We hold monthly meetings, book groups and seminars, and we have a lively e-mail discussion group. We organise conferences and of course, Reclaim the Night. We are all volunteers and we are unfunded. We always welcome new members and new volunteers to get involved in making feminist things happen in our capital!

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Marches are normally held on the nearest Saturday to the 25th November to mark the UN Day to End Violence Against Women.

In 2020 the march will be held on Saturday 21st November.

Can you volunteer at future Reclaim The Night events? Are you a photographer? A first-aider? Contact to let us know what you can offer.

Women take back London on Reclaim the Night!